Marchialy Publishing, run by Clémence Billault and Cyril Gay, publishes true stories with literary merit feature stories, fictionaliszed investigations, gonzo epics and stories of exploration.


At Marchialy, we believe that literature, when based on true stories, can help us understand and navigate the contemporary world. Everything you’ll read in our books actually happened, whether it’s the story of a virtuoso flautist who commits a heist in a major natural history museum, a young Canadian woman who sets out to retrace the steps of her ancestors in Taiwan, or a brigade of determined cops scouring the Charente countryside to find a missing child.

At Marchialy, we also believe that the object, the book itself, has the power to impart this knowledge. Its cover, interior layout and choice of typography, together, tell the story guiding the reader and adorning the author’s work.

The unique approach of Guillaume Guilpart
– book craftsman, engraver and typographer – of engraving each book cover illustration in wood echoes the author’s hand at shaping reality.


Marchialy Publishing is dedicated to narrative nonfiction. They publish non-fiction that draw on the techniques of the novel. The focus is on
the writing, tone and style depicting the author’s view of the world.

Each story beckons its own narrative structure, in accordance with its subject.

Guillaume Guilpart had to find a graphic identity that was shared by Marchialy while also unique to each book. A book cover and its layout represent an encounter between the graphic codes of a genre, the universe conjured by the writing and an artist-illustrator’s sensibility. Originality is expressed through
the design, the colours and the choice of typography, while the engraving technique creates a recognisable graphic coherence.